Warriorship of Aging: a Shambhala view

More material is forthcoming as authorizations, time, resources, and inspiration permit…

Items on this page that are not links (in blue) are topics that we hope to include in the future.

Aging as path

Interviews and stories of aging Shambhala Warriors

  • Our stories (more of them forthcoming)
  • More stories on the Chronicles Project
  • Our aging as path series is inspired by Japanese culture, where we recognize those individuals who are regarded as preservers of important intangible cultural properties.  

Culture of Aging

  • Elegance
  • Fashion
  • Household

Death and Dying

  • Accompanying the Dying
  • Other topics

Healthy Aging

Enlightened Retirement

  • Finances
  • Resources gathered by Mukpo Old Dog Retirement Community founder Phyllis Segura 

Helping and Being Helped

Report on Aging in Shambhala – 2014

Rituals and liturgies

Shambhala Household


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