By Jan Rogerson.

FACILITATOR GUIDES FOR AGING SALONS.  Ann Cason and Jenny Warwick piloted a series of discussion groups, or salons, on aging in 2015-16 and have produced downloadable guides so that the salons can be available to any group that would like to gather to discuss aging and to encourage discussions to help participants open up to their own wisdom and find their own views of aging, dying, and death.

Currently, there are three complete sessions composed of five salons each, plus an introductory Facilitator’s Guide with suggestions for how to conduct discussions and group exercises.  The three sessions cover the topics of The Landscape of Aging, The Warriorship of Aging, and Creating a Caring Culture of Kindness.  

MOVIE REVIEWS.  Films are a wonderful way to learn and experience other points-of-view. They provide good focus for groups and, followed by discussion, promote and inspire community.  Angela Pressburger, former Film Program Consultant to the Vancouver International Film Festival and founding Director of the Nova Scotia Film & Video Producers’ Association, has curated and reviewed a collection of films that are divided into three sections: 1) Documentaries about the Death Process, 2) General Dramas and 3) Documentaries that introduce us to genuine and inspiring senior moments and stories.