Pathways for aging warriors

Old Age and the Path

By Han de Wit Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 2016 “…freeing oneself from how we used to feel about our practice as it has been defined by our lineage, that is, as defined from the outside, we can and hopefully will be able to redefine our practice from the inside.”...

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Awakening to the Stages of Life

By Ann Cason “The clouds pass and the rain does its work, and  all individual beings flow into their forms.”     I Ching By the year 2030 if you live in South Korea you can expect to live on average for 91 years.   In the United States average length of life is...

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Life is Full of Surprises

By Patton Hyman A couple of years ago I wrote a book that I recently self-published. The challenges I faced during the months of writing The Inner Advantage: Applying Mindfulness in Business and Law—and Everywhere Else! were the ones that face any writer. Am I making...

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This Aging Hub is a community effort

Many people, including you, contribute to this Aging Hub.  Some have contributed their experience, their stories, or their writings. The Shambhala Working Group on Aging has been meeting for many years to develop resources and organize events. The Shambhala Trust helped launch the Aging Hub with a grant in 2016. Many others have made donations. You can contribute by visiting the site, asking questions, participating in conversations, and being a warrior.