About our Intention and Vision

“Our perspective is that we continue to grow, and that as we get older it is actually more and more important how we handle our mind, and how we regard who we are and what we are doing.”  

Sakyong Mipham
“Aging in Enlightened Society”, November 22, 2011, Shambhala Times

Welcome to the Shambhala Aging Hub – a dynamic source of information for all Shambhalians to explore the warriorship of aging. The AGING HUB of Shambhala will gather information in response to topics gleaned from Shambhala Centers around the world in our 2014 survey (also generously funded by the Shambhala Trust).

From this survey report we are starting with information, education, and models for aging groups that work for others.  

  • Existing aging groups within the Shambhala mandala and their activities
  • How to start aging groups, programs, workshops and community care
  • What resources currently are available and how to access them
  • How to conduct local surveys of the older sangha to find out needs and interests
  • Online teachings on aging issues
  • How to obtain Rites of Passage ceremonies and teachings

The Warriorship of Aging: what it is, how to do it, and how practice can help.  We will share warrior stories of aging and caretaking from around the world gathered from our Shambhala Centers, aging groups, and reporters-at-large.  How are we aging? What is helping us? What are the challenges and how do we meet them? How are we spending our retirement years?  How are we caring for each other?  What educational programs do we have to support healthy aging?  What do we still need?

With this first offering, we especially offer many vignettes from the northeast kingdom of Vermont.  We hope with future editions of the Hub to highlight our Shambhala Culture of Kindness from other centers who are willing to share.

The Aging Hub will serve as a place for local sanghas to find support and suggestions for developing and enriching their aging programs.  We hope that the Hub will spark discussion and contemplation and sanity as we ourselves age and care for loved ones or are cared for by those we love.

Let’s discover for ourselves what it is to age in enlightened society. If you like what you see, share your thoughts through the Contact us page, and perhaps make a donation to help us continue this work here.  We welcome questions about individual situations as well as general comments or contributions.

The initial phases of development for this website was generously supported by the Shambhala Trust.  Additional donations from many people prior to the site’s launch helped get us going. You can join in by making a donation here.


This project was supported in part by The Shambhala Trust. You, too, can help by making a tax-deductable donation here. We gratefully acknowledge many contributions, written, artistic and financial.
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